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Announcement: Online raceThink Dinner Workshop

Announcement: Online raceThink Dinner Workshop

RaceThink Dinner is hosting an online RaceThink Dinner Workshop on May 10, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

The RaceThink Dinner is initially designed so that we all meet in a restaurant and have the opportunity to discuss various issues relating to racism with the victims. COVID 19 has definitely changed everything, so we decided to just go with the online wave and try to run an online event.

Vicky Ndiaye CEO of Project Esperanza CIC in cooperation with Elizabeth Horlemann founder of the raceThink Dinner will lead the workshop and help the participants to understand micro-aggression and racism.

Gill Piroth, the owner of My Ethnic Cooking, will be teaching us live how to cook soul food. To help you prepare, you’ll find the list of ingredients you need below. We will cook two dishes: meat and vegetarian. If you have any special requests, please feel free to give us a heads-up so that we can take your special needs into account.

Quincy Bell Davis gospel singer and owner of Quincy Davis Ministries will be singing soul music for us which will contribute to a more comfortable atmosphere

You will need to install the Zoom app (if you are using your mobile device) or from your computer.

The most important thing is that we are dealing with the film “American son”. We, therefore, recommend that you watch the film beforehand

One more thing?

Yes!!!! Bring a lot of openness and willingness to learn … Be ready to have fun too.

Sie müssen die Zoom-App (wenn Sie Ihre Mobilgerät verwenden) oder über Ihren Computer installieren.

You will need to install the Zoom app (if you are using your mobile device) or from your computer.

          ******* Here is your link to the Zoom online event *******



Recipes in German and English

The recipes are suitable for a minimum of 2 persons

Corn and Tomato Soup


500g fresh beef bones*

1l Water

250g Corn

2 big Tomatoes


*(For vegan/vegetarian – Instead of beef bones – vegetable broth)

Chicken Croquettes with salad


500g chicken breast*

4 Eggs

½ tsp pepper


Bread crumbs

Oil for deep frying

* (Vegetarian/vegan 500g Tofu Instead of eggs 1/2 liter rice or almond milk)

Old-Time Ginger Cake * see below alternative ingredients for vegetarians and vegans


64g brown sugar

128g butter

3 eggs

128 g sour milk

250g molasses

200g wheat flour

1 tspn baking soda

1 tspn salt

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tspn ginger

1 square baking pan

*Vegan/vegetarian For butter – coconut cream

Eggs – almond or rice milk

For sour milk effect, we will add lemon juice, Wheat flour for lactose almond flour

We are excited and looking forward to meeting you and also having a chance of discussing with you the different layers of racism.


Best regards

Elizabeth Horlemann

Diversity + Communication Management Trainer and Coach

Founder of raceThink Dinner Workshops

By AdmOmbinaka

Elizabeth ist eine freiberufliche interkulturelle Trainerin und Coach. Ihr speziell Bereich ist Deutschland, Ost, Südliches Afrika und China. Sie hat Seminare und Einzelcoachings zur effektiven Interaktion mit verschiedenen Personen in einem geschäftlichen Kontext in den deutschsprachigen Ländern Europas und in Afrika durchgeführt. Elizabeth‘s Trainingsansatz ist durch zwei Ziele gekennzeichnet: Die Teilnehmer sollen nicht nur lernen, wie sich Menschen aus anderen Kulturen verhalten, sondern auch die Einflussfaktoren verstehen und zweitens die Entwicklung einer Reihe von Strategien unterstützen, mit denen sie effektiv umgehen können Probleme, die beim Umgang mit Kollegen aus unterschiedlichen Kulturen auftreten können.

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