China in Africa

China and Africa – two cultures come closer, resulting in new opportunities but also presenting us with challenges if cultural challenges are not effectively managed.  Africans find these intercultural encounters to discriminative on one side and the Chinese characterize African behavior to be euphorically (The racist face of the Chinese presence in Africa) resulting in causing confusion and threatening to stall business and projects.

When managing cultural diversity, intercultural awareness, and cross-cultural competence are of great importance.

My cross-cultural training course is designed for Chinese people who:

  • Intend to do business in Africa (east and southern Africa)
  • Relocate to the east or southern Africa
  • Set up business in Africa

This training will give you a better understanding of which behaviors are necessary to adapt to create a positive impression, to avoid unintentional offense, and to interpret and adapt to the mindset of business people in Africa.

This course offers you more self-awareness, country-specific knowledge and proven strategies to bridge gaps and leverage cultural differences.

Training Method:

  • 2-day training – in-house or in your new business location
  • The minimum number of participants – 1 max. 16


  1. Companies in Africa and the difference with China
  • Structure and organization
  • Entrepreneurial fabric
  • Role of the State and regulations
  1. Cultural tendencies in the workplace
  • Hierarchical thinking
  • Mian Zi practices (face)
  • Christianity vs. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism
  • Cartesian spirit vs. pragmatism (cha bu duo)
  • Critical thinking vs. the predominance of memory
  1. Communication
  • Perceptions, stereotypes, expectations across cultures
  • Relationship makers and breakers, business and social etiquette
  • Negotiation and meetings

My special cross-cultural awareness training is available for delivery to in-house groups or as one-to-one coaching.


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