In "Not Now Please: Living through Racism, Ableism, and Grief," Elizabeth takes you on an intimate journey through the intersecting worlds of adversity, resilience, and transformation. This compelling narrative is a candid exploration of personal experiences that touch upon the deep-rooted issues of racism, ableism, and the complexities of grief.

What's Inside

Chapter 01: Carpet Pulled Off Our Feet

Carpet Pulled From Under Our Feet

I remember the day that my husband received his terminal diagnosis. Stage 4 cancer and a life expectancy of 6 months, or 1 year at the most – racism had no business here.

Chapter 04:  Ableism & Interracial Marriage

My late husband was a die-hard anti-racist. He knew exactly what powers his whiteness had and he used it to shield me from racial experiences.  

Chapter 06: BIPOC: Death, Mourning and Racism

The fact that my mother, who lived in Kenya, was denied a visa to come to the funeral made it even more difficult for me. The feelings of extreme sadness of not having...  

Chapter 08: Pains of our skin - The Pain Gap

I can’t help but wonder, why our skin colour is the basis for so much hatred throughout the world. Degrees of melanin. That’s all it is! What is it that warrants hate?

What You'll Learn

Racism and Ableism: Critical Questions To Reflect On

Addressing personal biases and promoting awareness is an important step towards creating a
more inclusive society.

Reflection on Anti-Black Racism and Ableism: Fostering Understanding and Change

It is of paramount importance for white individuals to engage in critical self-reflection regarding their anti-Black racism and ableism mindset

Racism and Grief Critical Questions To Reflect On

Addressing the impact of racism on BIPOC individuals, especially in times of personal loss,
requires thoughtful and sensitive conversations.

About The Author

Elizabeth Horlemann is an accomplished Anti-Racism & Intersectionality Strategist and a dedicated Deconstruct Racism Life Coach. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in these critical fields, she has become a sought-after advocate for equality, justice, and transformative change.

But Elizabeth's journey extends beyond her professional accomplishments. She is also the author of the compelling memoir, "Not Now Please: Living through Racism, Ableism, and Grief." In this deeply personal work, Elizabeth shares her poignant experiences of racism during the passing away of her husband of more than 30 years of marriage. Her memoir offers a candid exploration of the intersectionality of adversity, resilience, and the enduring human spirit.

Elizabeth's dedication to dismantling racism and promoting intersectionality is rooted in her personal experiences and her unwavering commitment to fostering positive change in our world. Through her coaching, advocacy, and writing, she continues to inspire others to confront discrimination, embrace diversity, and create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Join Elizabeth on her journey of transformation, reflection, and advocacy, and be inspired by her vision of a world where racism and ableism are challenged, and where grief is met with empathy and understanding.

Praise The Book Reviews

Prof. Dr. Maureen Maisha Auma

Elizabeth Horlemann’s voice is candid, courageous and direct.  Her critique of the interconnected dehumanizations of institutionalized Anti-Blackness, heteropatriarchal and ableistic norms is searing.

Dr. Rahab Njeri

" Not Now Please: Living through Racism, Ableism, and Grief," is a rallying cry for social change from a Black women's perspective by centering our utu the essence of what it is to be human.

Gillian Lwangu Piroth

The author's raw honesty and unflinching courage in sharing her personal experiences make this book a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of these crucial issues.